Debit Card Alerts

Industry-Leading Fraud Detection Sent to Your Phone

With real-time text alerts sent to your phone, you can quickly detect and help stop fraudulent use of your debit card. These customizable alerts from Frost let you monitor activities, such as online purchases, out-of-country transactions and pay-at-the-pump transactions, for unauthorized use of your card. And they're available free of charge for all personal and business checking customers.

Proactive Monitoring

Real-time alerts sent straight to your phone to help detect six kinds of potential fraud.

Immediately Actionable

Instantly take action by replying to the alert. A temporary hold will be placed on your debit card to prevent further transactions, and a Frost Banker will call you.

Customizable Alerts

You choose which alerts you want to receive and set the dollar amounts that will trigger alerts.

Here's How It Works

There's nothing to it. Just take a minute to set up your alerts. Then you can monitor your selected transactions for fraud from wherever you go.

1.Select and activate alerts for six of the most common types of fraudulent transactions made with a debit card.

2.Receive a text alert when one of these transaction types is made with your debit card.

3. If you get an alert on your phone for a transaction you made, there's no need to respond. If you get that alert and you did not make the transaction, send us a quick text reply.

4. We'll immediately place a temporary hold on your card to prevent further transactions, and a Frost Banker will call you.

Customize Your Alerts

We've identified the six types of debit card transactions that are the most likely targets for potential fraud. You can sign up for one or all.

Declined Transactions

With a declined transaction alert, you will know when your debit card is being used to attempt to make a purchase but is declined.

Online Purchases

Alerts you when your debit card is used to make an online, phone or mail purchase. Online, phone and mail purchases only require your card information and not the physical card itself, so cards are more susceptible to fraudulent activity than purchases that require a physical card to be swiped.

Transactions outside the U.S.

Alerts you when a transaction occurs at a merchant based outside the U.S., as it is common for stolen card numbers to be used at foreign merchants.

Pay-at-the-pump transactions

Alerts you when your debit card is used to make a gas purchase at the pump. Pay-at-the-pump purchases are often the first transaction someone who has just stolen a card makes to test the card to find out if it is still active.

Purchases over a specific amount

Alerts you when a purchase exceeds the dollar amount you specify. To help you set your dollar threshold amount, we'll show you the purchase history of transactions made with your debit card.

ATM Withdrawals

Alerts you when an ATM withdrawal exceeds the dollar amount you specify for this alert.